got boner?
Welcome to the new nd labs NEW Product quicktakes site! At this exciting and entertaining locale which is really much different than everything else, we offer intrigue! Romance! and a sweaty nurse! So without further ado, ado ado, new products described hastily for more efficient time use!

The ND Labs Demon-soul Obliterron Death-16. Whilst many of you are looking at this thinking "that looks like a butterfly" yet another unfashionable younger fembot is tattooing A: her lower back or B: her stomach with yet another boring rendition of a butterfly. In order to combat this growing epidemic (in the name of fashionability, of course; the nd as always must guard fashion)  the nd has devised this amazing device which fly's about harmlessly collecting grapes, and turnips, stopping to festoon its legs with pollen at local flower-bars and pissing off less-attractive moth's who become distraught and commit suicide with the aid of the ever unwitting lightbulbs...much the usual sort of day for our everyday butterfly. However, when the ND Labs patented Amazing! Antennae detect yet another fetus or 'college-girl' (i.e. slut) with one of these or many other boring tattoo's (those idiotic 'mystical' suns come to mind) they immediately flutter, as if, harmlessly, in front of the unsuspecting pornsmith-fodder and briefly tantalize with a flutter of wings that secretly sends a subliminal message to them that life is terrible and they should kill themselves now before amazingly entering the central nervous system via means of the neck and causing microscopic set of changes in the skin cells of the shebot, changing their insipid body art into optionally either the words 'she-slut' or a intriguing image of a squirrel hiding acorns in a vagina; depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. The Obliterron also has a 'ovarian oblitteron' attachment which simultaneously sterilizes the sponsor.

ok so that wasnt that fucking quick. eat me.

The ND LABS cock-er-sizer! 
Does your cock feel weak and flabby? Are you concerned that one day you just wont be able to finish that piss cause your cock just doesnt have the endurance? Do you get that not so fresh feeling? Well then the ND Labs Cock-er-sizer! is for you! This handy apparatus which features a no-folding mechanism so it cant be dissembled or put away is your key to a happy life! Chase those floppy-cock worries! 
note: offers no cure for impotence. (founder: dammit!)]

The ND LABS Crotch-Corset! 
This handy item will have you looking the part in no time!
what part, we're not sure of, but at least you're crotch will get noticed. its like the wonderbra for men! Now, get even and overstate your capabilities!

The NEW ND Labs "Ilookgay" line of bikewear!
Now, when your out and about with your helmet, you can look the part even more with the ND's new line of clothing! Plus, women: ever wanted to look as non-sexual as possible when out on your bike? Instant flattening device! Works on man-crotch too! Be as non-sexual as you can be! [not in the army]

The ND Labs Casual-Day suit!
Feeling like a dick? Let the world know it. Flipping people off when they beep at you for driving like the dick you are giving you RSI? Get the ND Labs casual-day suit! Show the world how you feel! Great for casual day at work too!

The ND Labs Instant Erection Table!
Can never find a podium or a desk when you need it? No worries! Now, with the ND Labs Erection Table, you can just look at scantily-clad preteens and be conducting music in no time!

ND Labs NEW Erotic wood-finish products!
See a store near you for our w i d e selection of erotic wood finishes! Make that furniture really stand out! Buy Erotic wood finish from ND Labs today!


Thats it for now, but look for more New products in a coming update!



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