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Divisions of ND Labs:

This page has been created to help the supporters, clients and victims of ND Labs better understand the key points of what our various divisions do. Remember, better informed consumers make a broader target audience! Here at ND Labs we are all about improving our potential for "market" saturation...


Wayfairer-Skullmonger [WFSK] Division

  • Headed personally by lOOSEcANNON
  • Destroys EVERYTHING
  • Look terrible on paper; *amazing* in effect
    [motherfucker, we are *SEXY* DAMN YOU!]
  • Rules all other projects, oh, and god.
    [YES. THE. N. D. RULES. GOD!. well the nick anyway..]

Bezerker-Theologian Division [BTD!]

  • Secretes Androgyny and Technology Projects
  • Headed by El Bastardo

Shotgun Apparel and Artistry Division [SAADBLAM]

  • Co development of God, lOOSecANNON, and el bastardo
  • Attempts to "Understand" EMO
  • Women's Studies
  • Only directive is annihilation

Division of Irreverent Violence [DIV]

  • Answers to no one
  • extremely important unnecessary animal testing
  • In utero research for a new generation of lesser, fewer babies
  • Main Testing laboratory