got boner?

(our inspiration)

Welcome to WWND INDUSTRIES newest industry! 

6/18/03 [raynham: doom satellite] - INDUSTRY! SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY! Big men putting...uhhuhhuhhuh. anyways, today at ND Labs we're proud to announce a new division! The one in our girlfriends pants. Anyways take 2, Today the ND is proud to announce that we have modified the inspiration photo to more correctly reflect our dominance. Also, be on the look out for new ND Labs products!  


4/2/03 [raynham: founders crib] - alright since loose cannon has been else ware and i, the nick, am a highly effective consultant, have decided to update the page myself. ok so we here at nd labs have developed a new weapon made just for WWND Industries and nd labs , its called T.P.B.B.S.D.M. Version 1.3 (The Portable Berserker Barbara Streisand Destruction Machine). this brilliant piece of machinery can easily be attached to rooftops or bed of pickup trucks. its main function is to tract and kill Barbara Streisand. its 40 mm nuclear tipped mini Barbara Streisand seeking missiles shoot out at an amazing 40 rounds per second. on impact the explosion vaporizes everything within 5 feet of impact. its tracking device its an amazing piece of machinery, it can sense Barbara's DNA in the air, then it can find her position, and shoot in that direction, then the missiles take over from there. and you can control this baby from a simple remote. Also the gun fires at any object that is playing something by Barbara. This gun also has may other uses like hunt those dam Satan spawned flying squirrels. slippery little fuckers aren't they, until they meet this little number, then they are vaporized so here is the gun. also it makes one killer cup of hot chocolate. god damn here is our baby.

11/06/02 [raynham: doom satellite]-Today ND Labs! is proud to announce our acquisition of the doombatross infrastructure. This highly advanced infrastructure will allow us to decimate AND remotely control republicans from a safe distance. Yes, known robots like Mitt "Phallus" Romney and George "Dubya [does the anal]" Bush can be controlled with a mere flip of switch on this simple and easy to use piece of machinery:
As soon as we find the damn manual. 

Also, the planned release of the instant lava machine on our SEC hearings has been commenced. No more government inquiries for awhile. Thank you, and remember, god loves the anal.

7/02/02 (what are the odds of that)[raynham: doom satellite]-Today the ND is pleased to announce that some new developments have come up. Firstly, bear witness to a conversation between specialists here at ND Labs regarding the eagerly anticipated anti-technology handgun project!
But dont stop there, today ND Labs also has unveiled a whole line of new products in its Produce Intelligence line! Scroll down on that one or read it all if your a first time viewer! And, a special sneak peak, this photo shows how serious the labs are taking recent inquiries into our practices and product development by certain government officials. This photo shows the favors handed out by ND Labs founder lOOSEcANNON at a recent Communication party with several politicians and federal investigators. Word is that all favors were accompanied by a card signed simply as "ND Labs" saying, "trying to fuck with this would feel nicer." Reportedly, no lube was given out but many politicians did weasel out a sandwich.

6/28/02[raynham: doom satellite]-Well today is 6/28, and thats the day where at the nd labs we get our new credit card cause the old one expired. SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!
That's right, not a gawd damned thing. Now shut the hell up and go back to eating your gruel.

5/12/02[raynham:doom satellite]-ND Labs reminds the world who wears the pants...
no one around here, if they know what's good for them..
Today the ND [on the same day day as the last update, and what are the odds of that eh? oh the odds are amazing. cause this is the fucking ND..] would like to announce some new projects. Also, 1 quick promo image was added. Hopefully at some point one of us will see fit to make it over and actually decent. 
also, be on the lookout for new ND Labs! communist red potatoes in a future update. thank you and boner lines to you all.

[4/12/02-raynham: doom satellite]-ND Labs promotes itself...
Today ND Labs is proud to announce it has acquired the alleviated sub-mount bi-lifted sprocket machine. We still have no idea what it does. On another note, we  have unleashed some Propaganda, i mean PROMOTIONAL posters from the anti-pants project. So hit it up you fucks. In other news, El Bastardo has been officially retiled and granted the rank of baron. Now while ranks are purely ornamental at the ND [other than the ranks of god and apocalypse architect] none the less, i like to inflate my employee's ego's [they crush so much better that way] and El Bastardo is now a Baron! Good work Baron Bastardo, EL.
(we kept the 'el' because the founder is bound to fuck this up and not know who he is)

[3/16/02-raynham:doom satellite]-ND labs website opens...
Today ND labs is pleased to be finally unleashed in all our beauty and spectacle on our unwitting public! Always remember, chemicals are your friends!