got boner?
Staff at ND Labs:

lOOSEcANNON-Omnipotent Master of Ceremonies, ND Labs director, Master of the pant-less squadron, Master of puppets, Executive Media handler, Head of WFSK co-head SAADBLAM

Baron Bastardo,El-grand dictator answering only to the cannon of mass looseness for ND labs, Erector of Ceremonies, Kitten Defamation, Head of BTD and co-head SAADBLAM

Dr. Viv E. Secton-Captain of the ND Labs lacrosse team, Whipper of misbehaving sexretaries, iron mallet shoe-bottom assault team, Pre-natal staircase and coat hanger tour guide, Head of Chemical/ethically diverse testing, Skullbatross team captain in the zombie division, Defiler of centipedes, Head of DIV division [that's not redundant i swear]